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We help students and their
families save thousands
of dollars
when it comes to paying for higher education.
We recognize college as a significant educational and financial
investment, and we’re passionate about helping students attend
excellent schools with the
best financial aid packages
to minimize impact on family

“I just got a check for $4,500…Thank you Michael, for making my dream come true.

– Gloria

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Long-Term Financial Security

The total bill for four full years in college can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can significantly impact a family's financial standing. As such, we help families become financially ready for the cost of a college education. How will your various assets and retirement accounts affect your financial aid package? How can you position them to maximize financial aid? Call College Tuition Advisors today to learn more!

Professional Guidance

Personal Attention

With over 15 years in the financial industry, College Tuition Advisors knows numbers and has worked with hundreds of families to get their finances in order. Every family works one-on-one with Michael Budnick, President and Founder of College Tuition Advisors, to receive a thorough evaluation and solid financial advice regarding true "best fit" schools, financial aid letter estimations, professional guidance appealing them, and more. Schedule a free 30-minute evaluation with Michael today!

True “Best Fit” Schools

True "Best Fit" Schools

While most college counselors focus solely on a college's qualities, we at College Tuition Advisors also like to ensure a college is a financially sound investment as well. Work closely with our counselors to find a college that meets both your academic and financial needs, your true "best fit" school. Call College Tuition Advisors today to get started!

Featured Advisor: Michael Budnick

"We found Michael to be an amazingly wonderful guy with a lot of great information, and he has been very helpful to us.” Learn more...

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  • One-on-One Personal Attention

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  • Ongoing support

  • Access to the College Planning Network

  • Certified by the National Association of College Funding Advisors

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    College Tuition Advice TestimonyPersonalized Service
    College Tuition Advisors understands your particular situation with all your advantages and challenges. You won't be given any "assembly line" service. You and your children will be given personal service.
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    CTA Testimony JayA Network of Professionals
    There's a large network of professionals working behind the scenes to make every aspect of your children's college education a success. Read more →