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Real-world Strategies to Help You Negotiate a Better College Deal for Your Child

What YOU can do to Lower the price of college… The more you know about the processes related to college admissions and financial aid issues, the better prepared you will be to manage the experience to the benefit of their child and their financial bottom line. A […]

Early Action and Early Decision Applications Basics (Info for Seniors)

Your college-bound child has the option of applying early to schools who accept Early Action and Early Decision applications. If you and your child are very certain he/she wishes to attend one specific school above all others, these are very important deadlines that College Tuition Advisor’s partners, […]

Retirement Money “OR” College Funding?

There are times where I am counseling a family on getting their child through college and I find that the parents have not given adequate attention to their retirement and monthly cash flow needs.  Frequently I see money originally intended for retirement being redirected to help fund […]

College Planning Timeline

Junior Year Autumn Begin the college search process.Go online and surf through the colleges that highlight your interests. Winter Letters of recommendationWhich teachers have you done best with. What has been your favorite subjects? Summer School?Research and apply to different summer enrichment programs. Spring SAT/ACTRegister for and [...]

Three Top Application and Financial Strategies For Convincing Colleges to Grant YOUR Student More Money!

1) Apply Broadly Enough — But Without a “Shotgun” Approach   The actual college application process is that next big step and one that can be a hurdle for many. Narrowing down colleges can be difficult for some and it is hard to how many colleges are […]

Tips for Preparing Tomorrow’s College Students Against Financial Predators

There are financial predators waiting for the freshman crop of students each and every year across the country. We are not talking about smooth-talking people in overcoats standing on street corners, or people selling empty computer boxes from the back of a windowless van. Rather, we are […]

Top Strategies To Inspire Enthusiasm For Academics In College-Bound High School Students

As the new academic year gets underway, there is usually no shortage of excitement in the first few weeks (or even months)… the question often becomes, how can we maintain this level of interest over the course of a semester? Or, dare we suggest it, over the […]

Stay Organized

Organization does not come naturally to everyone. Staying organized, however, does not have to be painful, especially if it is learned during high school. In fact, students who stay consistently organized will be able to find things more easily and help steer clear of mental (and actual) […]

Time Management

This is one of the many important lessons that successful people learn in life – and the sooner, the better. Time management is one of those lessons that, if learned early enough, will not only serve your child well in high school but in college and beyond. […]

“Understanding the Three Major Differences Between High School and College… will Your Child Make the Leap?”

Preparing kids for college in this day and age can be a challenge – even more so than in times past.  There seem to be a lot more distractions from academic pursuits these days than there used to be, and as we have pointed out numerous times […]