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Stay Organized

Organization does not come naturally to everyone. Staying organized, however, does not have to be painful, especially if it is learned during high school. In fact, students who stay consistently organized will be able to find things more easily and help steer clear of mental (and actual) … Continue reading

Time Management

This is one of the many important lessons that successful people learn in life – and the sooner, the better. Time management is one of those lessons that, if learned early enough, will not only serve your child well in high school but in college and beyond. … Continue reading

“Understanding the Three Major Differences Between High School and College… will Your Child Make the Leap?”

Preparing kids for college in this day and age can be a challenge – even more so than in times past.  There seem to be a lot more distractions from academic pursuits these days than there used to be, and as we have pointed out numerous times … Continue reading

College Financial Aid Award Letters

Once you have submitted an application for financial aid, sometime after (typically early to mid April) you will receive a financial aid award letter from the colleges to which you have applied. This letter gives various details of a proposed financial aid package. Basically, a financial aid … Continue reading

Lower the EFC on the FAFSA!

How to Lower your EFC on the FAFSA and Get More Financial Aid If you’re applying for financial aid with the FAFSA, there are two basic numbers that go into the equation. First, there’s the cost of schooling – that includes tuition, room, board, textbooks, and other supplies. Then … Continue reading

Targeted Strategies That Will Save Your College-Bound Student Time AND Money

Targeted Strategies That Will Save Your College-Bound Student Time AND Money

There is nothing like the thrill of a student finishing high school and accomplishing his or her goal of beginning higher education at a great college or university program.  It is the end of one stage of life and learning, and the beginning of another, with the … Continue reading

Reference Letters

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What do you want and why? What’s the purpose?

What do you want and why? What's the purpose?

When dealing with people, ask yourself “Why?” quite often. And ask that of the people you are dealing with as well. Lots of times things seem difficult when you have lost site of the purpose for what you are doing. Orienting one’s self again to the purpose … Continue reading

Parent Child Teamwork

Is the teamwork good between you and your child? “Your child will make it to college, if your family works at it together.” – Michael Budnick No one’s ever surprised to hear a parent’s frustration in getting a child accepted at a university or in their effort … Continue reading

I Got My Degree, and a Job at the Coffee Shop!

Could Your Best Efforts Result in Failure? It grabs your attention as you read in Yahoo or any of the popular news sites… a headline like what you see for this article. We read about how there is a “growing trend” of degree’d graduates working menial jobs, … Continue reading

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