Parent Child Teamwork

Is the teamwork good between you and your child? “Your child will make it to college, if your family works at it together.” – Michael Budnick No one’s ever surprised to hear a parent’s frustration in getting a child accepted at a university or in their effort

I Got My Degree, and a Job at the Coffee Shop!

Could Your Best Efforts Result in Failure? It grabs your attention as you read in Yahoo or any of the popular news sites… a headline like what you see for this article. We read about how there is a “growing trend” of degree’d graduates working menial jobs,

The Highest-Paid College Majors Are…

The Highest Paid College Majors Quotes from and commentary about an article in the Wall Street Journal authored by writer Lauren Weber (You can read the entire WSJ article in its entirety here.) College Tuition Advisors: With all the changes in technology there are still many jobs

Community-Based Options To Help Your Student Prepare And Pay For College

As your child comes closer and closer to the end of his or her high school experience, it will usually tend to become increasingly obvious that getting college-bound high school students into good colleges and universities is NOT a task for the faint of heart! There are

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“Your Four-Step Plan For A Year-End Review: The Most Important Things To Learn From 2011 for Your College-Bound Student”

Well, the first term of the school year is already ending, and the year 2011 has just about played itself out, as well. A recurring theme in our newsletters always seems to be the speed with which the academic year proceeds, and this year is no exception!

Never Fear that Fall is Here – We Can Help to Make Things Clear!

Dear Parent, Fall has been steadily gaining ground on us. October is here, the leaves are changing, the days are crisper and the nights are getting cooler. It’s time to pull out the sweaters from the dresser to keep cozy from the slight chill in the air.

Six Common Myths & Misconceptions That Could Cost You A Bundle When Its Time To Pay For College!

We hope that you are enjoying a remarkable and rejuvenating summer! As you well know, we always recommend that parents and their college-bound high school students use a bit of their summer to plan ahead for college admission and funding. This is the perfect time to look

Top Tips For Making This Summer An (Enjoyable!) Opportunity For College Preparation

Once summertime hits for the average high school students (and their parents), it often isn’t all that terribly long before boredom starts to set in!  After waiting the entire year for school to mercifully end, many teenagers wind up missing their academic activities  not to mention their