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The Top FIVE Skills Needed To Excel In College Today

As college funding professionals we are accustomed to sometimes being viewed strictly as experts in the financial bottom line of paying for college. That tends to go with the territory, although we will be the first to admit that we have a lot more to offer than

Retirement Money “OR” College Funding?

There are times where I am counseling a family on getting their child through college and I find that the parents have not given adequate attention to their retirement and monthly cash flow needs.  Frequently I see money originally intended for retirement being redirected to help fund

Top Strategies To Inspire Enthusiasm For Academics In College-Bound High School Students

As the new academic year gets underway, there is usually no shortage of excitement in the first few weeks (or even months)… the question often becomes, how can we maintain this level of interest over the course of a semester? Or, dare we suggest it, over the

Stay Organized

Organization does not come naturally to everyone. Staying organized, however, does not have to be painful, especially if it is learned during high school. In fact, students who stay consistently organized will be able to find things more easily and help steer clear of mental (and actual)

Memorization Techniques

Memorization Techniques Memorization Techniques are helpful in many situations. For high school and college students, learning these techniques will help you to get ahead and stay ahead in your class work and studies. Learning a new skill, language or even trying to remember a grocery list does