Early Action and Early Decision Applications Basics (Info for Seniors)

Your college-bound child has the option of applying early to schools who accept Early Action and Early Decision applications. If you and your child are very certain he/she wishes to attend one specific school above all others, these are very important deadlines that College Tuition Advisor’s partners, the College Planning Network will meet for them.

Early Action allows the student to apply early, without a binding contract, and allows the student to find out if they’ve been accepted by the end of the calendar year. This application option leaves room for financial aid negotiation.

Early Decision is a BINDING contract, in which the applicant must agree to attend this specific college if accepted. This type of early application is not recommended by the Financial Aid Team at College Planning Network due to the fact that there is no room for financial aid negotiation once the student commits to this binding contract.

These early application deadlines start as soon as October 15th and go through December. Call us for guidance in making the most sane decisions.

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