Parent Child Teamwork

Teenage girl in trouble with parentsIs the teamwork good between you and your child?

“Your child will make it to college, if your family works at it together.” – Michael Budnick

No one’s ever surprised to hear a parent’s frustration in getting a child accepted at a university or in their effort to get the costs covered in getting them “there and through”. There’s a lot to do. Even when you hire a college planner, there’s still plenty or work for you and your family.  Until we release our revolutionary magic wand and get this out to you, all we can do is provide ways and means to make it easier, more certain and more fun.

The conflict between teens and adults is so frequently talked about and dramatized in the media that we have come to expect it. Some might have the idea that it’s just part of life and should be considered a “given” and just somehow managed. Just like infants generally keep new parents awake and need to have their diapers changed, it’s pretty much assumed by parents that their teens are going to be keeping them up most nights worrying about them, and, even though they  won’t have to change their diapers, somehow these teens are still going to manage to give them plenty of sh__.

There’s thousands of advices on how to handle this sort of situation, from apathetic “advice” that there’s nothing that can be done about it, attempts to cajole the child into agreement, and “tough love”; where the parent assumes that “it’s my way or the highway” and pushes through despite the lack of cooperation or trouble with the student.

There’s a lot to be said

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