One Stop Shop

From finding a college to paying for college, College Tuition Advisors is a one-stop shop for the entire college admissions process, ultimately focused on getting your child with their “best fit” school with the best financial aid packages possible. Our services include:

  • Personality Profile Evaluations
  • Student Positioning Assessment
  • Essay Development
  • College Financial Planning

Read below to learn more about how we’ve brought universally appreciated peace of mind to hundreds of families:

Protect Your Family Finances

Protect Your Family Finances How can you legally protect your savings & retirement accounts and position them in order to help, rather than hurt, in the financial aid formulas? Should you, and how can you, possibly use your home equity to pay for college costs? How can you minimize your out-of-pocket college expenses altogether? Work with College Tuition Advisors Founder Michael Budnick one-on-one to evaluate your financial standing and develop a plan to pay your share of college costs, including tax-efficient cash flow and borrowing strategies, to help keep your financial goals in line for college years & beyond.

A True “Best Fit” Match

A True “Best Fit” Match At College Tuition Advisors, we prefer to take a financially-savvy approach to finding colleges, which makes us unique in the field of private college admissions counselors. Rather than just finding colleges that match, we aim for a two-fold approach: finding a college that is a true “best fit” match, academically and financially. When working with students to find their best match school, our process begins with a personalized private student interview by NACAC certified counselor, many who were previously admissions officers at major universities across the country. We also work with students to conduct an advanced search careers, majors, and more Next, we’ll help you calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) before you apply to any college, which serves two purposes: one, to gain an accurate estimate what your family is expected to pay out of pocket, and two, to provide a starting point for our team to develop a plan to reduce it in order to be eligible for even more financial aid. In addition, College Tuition Advisors also works with families to provide a complete financial overview on the colleges you are aiming for. What kind of financial aid packages do the colleges that you are aiming for typically provide? What kind of financial aid package can you expect from your college choices?  Find out possible financial aid packages before you apply for an unlimited number of schools. If you’d like, we can also make recommendations for additional schools you may not have considered that offer even better financial aid packages.

Avoid Common Mistakes that Could Cost You Thousands

Did you know that over 75% of FAFSA forms are submitted with errors? With College Tuition Advisors, we’ll help you complete the Free Application for Federal student aid (FAFSA) to ensure it is error-free, or if you prefer, we can even complete for you. In addition, we’ll also help register your student for the CSS/profile, another widely-used financial aid form (or complete it on your behalf), and submit all supporting paperwork as needed as well. Our one-on-one help doesn’t stop there, either. Once you receive your Student Aid Report (SAR), our College Tuition Advisors team will confirm its accuracy and make any necessary adjustments needed to ensure your application is optimized for private and public college financial aid formulas. This way, you’ll be protected from being overlooked for grants, scholarships, or loans due to mistakes in your financial aid form.

Professional Evaluation and Negotiation of Your Financial Aid Offers

Once your financial aid offers arrive, our team at College Tuition Advisors will take a close look at each one and professionally evaluate if each offer is fair and which ones are best options for your family. If we find you were under-awarded in any case, we’ll provide negotiation letters and representation on your behalf, which has saved several families thousands of dollars that they otherwise would have had to take out in loans.

Additional Benefits

In addition to our services, clients of College Tuition Advisors also receive:

  • Easy-to-use parent & student manuals
  • College funding “tip of the week”
  • Our monthly newsletter to parents & students with updates with to maximize their college admissions & financial aid results
  • Access to special teleconferences throughout the year for parents & students on topics ranging from essay writing to admission tips
  • A bonus copy of our Student Handbook for Success
  • A bonus copy of our College Admission Bootcamp Handbook

The College Tuition Advisors Guarantee

At College Tuition Advisors, we guarantee that our exceptional team is a pleasure to work with and that you’ll be fully satisfied with your service. We promise to put our expertise to work for you and perform our professional counseling on time and accurately every time, depending on your cooperation as needed. If you have any questions, they’ll be promptly answered as soon as we can get back to you, and evening appointments also available as well. Call College Tuition Advisors today at (818)839-6600. We’ll be happy to discuss in more detail our services, fees, and available payment options during a free 30-minute evaluation.