Stay Organized

financialaid1Organization does not come naturally to everyone. Staying organized, however, does not have to be painful, especially if it is learned during high school. In fact, students who stay consistently organized will be able to find things more easily and help steer clear of mental (and actual) clutter. Here are some tips that will help your student stay organized now and beyond.


  1. A place for everything and everything in its place – Take the time to find containers and organizing tools to keep a designated student workspace neat and tidy. It’s difficult to stay focused on a project when there are papers, pencils and random stuff scattered all over the place. When students are able to take a few minutes each day and put things back where they belong, it makes things easier later… especially the next time the workspace is ready to be used.
  2. Individual notebooks for classes – It might make sense to carry a large binder with tabs for each class but it can get heavy really fast… and it is not feasible in college, either. Having a separate folder for each class (maybe even in different colors) enables a student to grab that folder immediately and run to class.
  3. Use a planner – Planners come in all sorts these days… they may be on a smart phone or even an old-school paper planner. Whatever a student decides to use, it is important to simply (actually!) use it. It will make life a whole lot easier to have all tasks, events and appointments in one place for planning and not losing track of assignments, appointments, classes, etc.
  4. Create a storage system – It will be surprising to see how quickly a student can accumulate papers… all of which can also get damaged and lost easily. Create a filing and storage system allows easily access to the papers for future reference (and for proof in case of grading errors, etc.). Whether it’s dropbox or a binder system, find something that works and can keep everything organized and in one place.
  5. Use alerts – With a smart phone or computer, it is easy set up alerts on both the computer and phone that will serve as a reminder of important dates and events. Taking the time to plan ahead and send those alerts when they are needed the most can be a complete college (and high school) lifesaver.

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